Terms of Reference


Major industrial incidents and near-misses continue to occur despite the UK’s good safety record.  These provide a wealth of learning opportunities that are beneficial to all industries concerned with the challenges of managing low frequency/high consequence events.

Aims of Forum

The PSF was set-up following the Buncefield incident to provide a platform whereby initiatives, best practice, lessons learned from incidents and future strategy can be distilled and shared across sectors to drive the management safety performance agenda.  The aim of PSF will be to:

  • To share learnings (both reactive and proactive)
  • Share safety alerts on information that is publicly available
  • Review of recent significant incidents
  • Knowledge sharing and issues
  • Underlying all the above points would be common themes


The PSF:

  • shares understanding of the current initiatives in place and the immediate future plans in all sectors on process safety;
  • identifies barriers to sharing best practice and incident learning between sectors, and to facilitate the development of recommendations for improvement;
  • promotes initiatives to enhance process safety leadership across sectors;
  • shares understanding of how to develop and use effective process safety performance indicators;
  • promotes the above activities through the group website and targeted publications.

Governance, Roles and Responsibilities

  • The PSF will be independently chaired;
  • Each member association in turn will host the meetings;
  • Secretariat support will be provided by a member association representative;
  • The chair is responsible for leadership of the PSF and ensuring that it delivers its objectives successfully, resolving any disagreements between members.
  • The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may be invited to attend meetings as required

Members will:

  • Contribute data and information wherever possible to support the aims of the PSF;
  • Observe constraints imposed on the exchange of commercially sensitive information by competition Law;
  • Provide feedback to their member associations and encourage the dissemination of information to their member companies through the website and other publications.