Using the website

This website is based on the popular WordPress Content Management System and gives a huge amount of power and flexibility to the site whilst remaining easy to use for non-experts.  The web has lots of guides on using WordPress – if you need more help please consult those or ask.


Enter any text in the Search Box (Top Right) – a list of post and pages will be displayed


Categories are one of the most useful ways of giving granularity to posts – if you are posting please make sure to use the appropriate categories (or add new ones)


We are currently not using tags, as we think that for the structured nature of the site, Categories are better

Adding Content

Clicking +New at the top of the page (assuming you are logged on) will allow you to add new content.  It is useful to add documents, images or video (Add Media) and insert hyperlinks as appropriate.

If you chose as Status of DRAFT (top right of editing page) the post will not be made public until you are happy with it – useful if you are waiting for additional information too

Please DO NOT try and colour text or change fonts for emphasis – use one of the styles built in – that way if the “Theme” of the site is changed in the future the new theme will adapt the changes in a sensible way…

Don’t forget to add Categories to you post

Editing Content

As a “Editor” you can edit your own posts (but not those of others) – at the top of each post you should see an “Edit” link if that option is available to you